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Consulting Services

System Administration
Tigerhost provides remote system administration consulting services for companies that don't want to hire a full time system administrator. We specialise in Windows and Linux system administration and are experts in network and internet technologies, PHP, MySQL and others.

Tigerhost provides security consulting services for companies that are concerned with the ever-growing number of threats in cyberspace. An officially licensed CISSP (see www.isc2.org) will help mitigate these threats for you and/or your company. Tigerhost's security consultants are knowledgeable and thorough.

Tigerhost's web programmers are skilled in backend programming. Whether it's dynamic content on your website, a database to capture client information or a shopping cart for selling goods and services, we have the resources to provide measurable growth for your business.

Tigerhost's database administrators will work with you to model your data and get it into a database. Or, if you're just starting out, we can design a database that will scale with your needs as your company grows. Combined with the excellent programming that Tigerhost can provide, the possibilities for your site are endless.


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