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We understand you may have questions regarding some of the technology
involved in Tigerhost services. Here are a few resources that may answer
your questions.

Glossary of Terms

A URL, or uniform resource locator, is a web address, like www.tigerhost.com. This is also referred to as a domain name, or domain.
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Web Hosting
Let's say you want a domain, customerdomain.com, and to have a web page at that domain. Web hosting is what you purchase in order to have a web page at www.customerdomain.com. It also includes email addresses, so that you can get email yourname@customerdomain.com. If you're a business, you can also get databases to hold things like customer information.
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Email, or electronic mail, is a form of communication that is like letter writing, but on the computer. You send an electronic letter with a program on your computer, and can use the same program to receive them from other people.
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POP3 email
POP3 email is the type of email you download from the server and read on your computer. The alternative would be IMAP4, which is stored and read on the server.
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Catchall email address
If you have the domain "customerdomain.com", and you have an email address of "name@customerdomain.com", then someone sending email to "othername@customerdomain.com" will not be successful. However, if "name@customerdomain.com" is set up as a catchall email, then email sent to any address @customerdomain.com will get through.

Blog stands for web log. It's essentially like an online diary, but it can be used for just about anything. A lot of people use them as content managements systems for.easily updating their sites.
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A server is a specialised computer. It contains programs like a web server, or a database server, that can be used for web hosting. If you have such a server, you can administer it yourself, which often requires specialised knowledge. Tigerhost's staff already has that knowledge, so we can do that for you.
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A database is a collection of records of data. For instance, to store customer names, you create a table, with rows, and in the rows are columns like first name, last name, etc.
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MySQL is a free, open source database program.
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PHP is a programming language that is used to create dynamic content on web sites. It allows databases such as MySQL to output data on the web. PEAR is a specific set of programming created to make this (and other functions) easier.
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A CISSP is a person who has obtained the highest certification possible in Computer Security. He or she has demonstrated knowledge of ten areas of security, passed a six hour test, and been shown to have at least four years of experience in computer security.
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Computer Security
Computer security is the concept of keeping information secure, and potential criminals from stealing information, or preventing denials of legitimate services.
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